5 Minute Ribbon Holder

Easiest DIY I’ve ever done. I’m not sure it was fulfilling enough to be called a DIY project. I was left wanting more… But this ribbon holder is cute and it gets all of my daughter’s hair clips and bows, that she never wears, off the dresser and floor.

Ribbon Wall Holder

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Frame
  • 1″ Ribbon
  • Staple gun
  • Small hooks (optional)

Ribbon Holder Directions:

I bought a pre-stained wood frame at Hobby Lobby. It came with a picture hanger already attached but if yours doesn’t remember to get one.

With your frame up-side-down on a towel, measure and cut your ribbon to the frame opening, with about a 1″ overlap on both sides. I did 3 rows of vertical ribbon but you can do more or less. Then staple down your ribbon. Make sure the ribbon’s right side is facing away from you. Then trim away any excess ribbon.

I then added 5 small hooks on the bottom of the frame for her headbands. Drill starter holes in the spots you want your hooks and then screw in the hooks.

NOW YOU’RE DONE! This ribbon holder took me probably 5-10 minutes. Without the hooks it will definitely be about 5 minutes.


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