Apple PAGES Calendar Template

Just about a year ago I gave up Microsoft and PC completely. I actually have Word and Excel on my iMac but I never use them. One thing I loved though was the vast array of templates you could download from Microsoft, including Calendars! Well, this morning I spent over an hour looking for a PAGES Calendar template without any luck. I finally realized I could make one in less time. I just can’t believe that their aren’t any good Calendar templates available; or maybe I was just looking in all the wrong places. Something simple that I could open and edit, on a monthly basis, that didn’t look like poo poo, was all that I wanted.

Mac Apple PAGES Calendar Template

PAGES Calendar Template Download

Since I now have a wonderful Calendar template I decided to share it with my wonderful readers. Surely someone else out there could use this as much as me. Once you download it, open it in PAGES, and you can change the colors and fonts to anything you like. It’s simple but pretty and functional.




I hope you enjoy!


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