Year End Tax Preparation Printables

I know this is March and it’s a little late on the Tax Prep front but since I’m JUST now getting to my own tax prep for last year I have to hope I’m not the only slacker on the internet.

With my husband in the Military we have to keep receipts for all of his haircuts, clothing purchases for work outside of the clothing allowance, even having a cell phone is required so we can deduct his part of the cell phone. Then I have my little handmade baby item sewing business so all of my home office space is deductible as well as my half of the cell phone since it’s my primary work phone, our internet, partial utilities, etc… IT’S A LOT TO REMEMBER!

I’ve put together a set of 4 tax preparation printables that should help anyone, with or without a home business, get ready for their taxes. It’s full of worksheets and checklists so you don’t forget a thing. The download is located at the end of the post.

Tax Preparation Printables

Tax Preparation Printables

Tax Preparation Printables


Tax Preparation Printables




Please respect my copyright at the bottom of each page. And leave me a comment with anything else you might find helpful and of course let me know if you like it! Enjoy!


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